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“The EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter saved me half an hour 

of work breaking up concrete to fix a split pipe.”

“I cut a lot of PVC pipe during my day as a plumber and quite often the pipes are in a ‘pain in the arse’ place.

There's usually concrete, timber or dirt close to the pipe and I can't get my hand saw in to make the cut…

The problem is I have to remove whatever is around the PVC pipe just so I can cut it. There's not enough room to make the pipe cut with my handsaw.

What I needed was an inside pipe cutter...

I have made heaps of homemade inside pipe cutters but they would maybe last a couple of days and then break apart. The homemade inside pipe cutters would vibrate and fall out of the drill and are dangerous at the best of times.

When it did work, the pipe finish always ended up rough and on the wrong angle....

I was wrapped when TigerFish Tools sent me out a couple of EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutters to try out

I was stoked even after the first job I did with the EzyGrind. It saved me half an hour of work breaking up concrete just to fix a split pipe.

The guide wheel is so cool. It gives me a straight cut every time and I can even trim millimeters off a 100mm pvc pipe. There's hardly any vibration in the tool because when I’m cutting I'm pushing the guide wheel against the pipe. The blade even cuts HDPE without melting it and is always sharp, even after I cut the pipe covered in concrete.

I’m really impressed with the EzyGrind. So much so i’ll put my name next to it. All round it's the perfect, safe cutting tool!"

Glenn Murray
Founder - The Plumbers Crack
Plumbers group with 61,000+ members
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