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In the guide, you'll also get...

  • Digital branding bits (Logo, Website, Social Media, Blogging etc.)
  • Offline branding bits (Vehicle, Uniforms, Business Card etc.)
  • Helpful resources
  • People & groups to join

Branding is all about how people talk about you when you’re not there. It’s your reputation. While having the perfect logo is something to aim for, it won’t help if your customer service skills aren’t up to scratch. Branding is not only looking the part, it’s about walking the talk and putting the customer at the centre of everything that you do, so they keep coming back.

Dr. Karen Sutherland

Co-Founder Dharana Digital
Snr. Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast

How Social Media Branding Can Go a Long Way in the Plumbing Industry


of social browsers use social media to research products.


of people use Instagram to discover new products and services and 87% said they took specific action, like making a purchase, after seeing product information.

Source: Hubspot

Using social media wisely across the platform can help you create the brand awareness in the plumbing industry and attract or target the right customer for your business. With the right marketing strategy and brand placement it results in  both more organic and paid visitors, leads, conversions and revenue.

Chances are your competitors are already using social media marketing for their business. Don't fall behind.

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People will judge your brand based on how it looks but many plumbers struggle to get their branding right.

Creating a lasting impression is hard when you're not sure what your brand story is or how to tell it well.

To survive you need to stand out from the competition
This branding guide is for plumbers and other trades who want to learn how to create a unique brand identity that is memorable and easily recognizable.

It will show you how to craft and deliver your unique story, stand out from competitors, and build trust with prospective clients.

Fraser O'Keefe
MD, TigerFish Tools

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