A pipe cutter is only as good as the blade that it uses

With EzyGrind Plumbing Tools, you get a diamond blade that’s designed both for quality cuts and durability. 

Quality Blades Produce Quality Cuts

Pipe cutting requires precision and a blade that can stay sharp even after hundreds of cuts. A quality blade also allows you to cut through PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, and ABS pipes with one solid motion, helping you get the cut right the first time. 

The EzyGrind features a diamond cutting blade that comes in two sizes: 36mm and 80mm. These blades can cut through pipes ranging from 1.5’’ to 6’’ with ease.

Our diamond blades have a custom design that makes them the longest-lasting blades on the market. These blades will last many times longer than the average blade you’ll find on generic cutters and won’t go dull. Given the durability of these blades, this is a PVC cutting tool that ends up paying for itself over its lifetime. 

TFT large internal pipe cutter
TFT small internal pipe cutter

Two Sizes To Meet Your Needs

The EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter comes with two blades, allowing you to cut through pipes of different widths with ease. You’ll receive a 36mm blade to use with the white guide wheel to cut 5.5 mm pipe, or you can use it with the black guide to cut 7.5mm pipe. 

You can use these blade options to make any cut needed on pipes of various sizes. You’ll never have to worry about not having the right blade for the job. 

Electroplated Diamond Blade

Our goal when creating EzyGrind Plumbing Tools was to create a product that would lead the industry and make your work easier. To achieve these goals, we knew that we needed to have the best blade on the market. 

This is why we use electroplated diamond blades. Electroplating is the process of coating a metal object with chromium, silver, and other metals using an electric current. This creates a blade with more tensile strength and a harder cutting surface. 

The result is a blade that can cut through difficult objects and that lasts longer than other blades. Our blade can easily cut through concrete and plastic without dulling. You won’t have to worry about any chipped teeth on your blade. 

TFT large internal pipe cutting blade

Our custom designed diamond blade cuts by finely chipping the plastic material and results in a smooth finish left on the pipe face. When combined with our free-flow guide wheel, which minimizes vibration, you’ll have a perfect cut every time you use the EzyGrind. 

This blade is built to last no matter how often you use it. The hardened blade with a diamond cutting edge will stay sharp even after years of use. You won’t have to replace your blade in the middle of a job. The EzyGrind will outlast almost all your other plumbing tools.

Segmented Sections

The segmented sections of our blade increase the quality of your cuts. 

You can use this blade to cut soft plastics without worrying about melting the plastic. ABS, HDPE, and PVC pipes can now be cut with ease. 

The U-shaped relief sections of the blade reduce the amount of friction (and thus heat) of the pipe. These sections improve airflow, remove slurry from the cut, and dissipate heat. This protects the pipe from melting and maintains the blade’s cutting performance.

You can also cut these pipes quicker than generic cutters. In fact, you can make a cut that would normally take you over a minute in as little as 15 seconds! 

The segmented sections also release swarf once it’s removed from the pipe wall, keeping your tool and cut clean. This blade is perfect for everyday use.

TFT large internal pipe cutter package

Perfect For A Variety of Jobs

Thanks to the design, free-flow guide wheel, and diamond cutting blade, the EzyGrind is perfect for a variety of uses, including:

  • Pipes under joists and in confined cupboard areas
  • Toilet and floor flange installations
  • Sprinkler drops and PVC sprinkler
  • Pipes that are flush to the wall
  • Pool and spa installations
  • Broken pipe repair
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Many more!

What Our Customers Say

Many of our customers talk about the confidence they feel when cutting with the EzyGrind. Any professional will tell you that confidence when cutting leads to better results. Because of the secure feeling that the tool gives the user, along with the industry-leading blade, plumbers and other professionals are able to relax and focus on cutting pipes in one single motion.

Thousands of customers across the country have used our cutter for its ease of use, ability to cut pipes in hard to reach places, and its durability. As tradesmen ourselves, we’re proud to have created something that’s made the lives of our peers easier.

TFT Happy Customer

Mark Mills Plumber and Moderator of The Plumbers Crack Facebook group

I used to struggle to cut pvc pipes using a homemade cutter as I was always wary of the cutter dropping down the pipework, especially in those at arm’s length difficult to reach places. But now with the ezygrind purpose-made cutter, I’ve no fear of losing the tool and it precision cuts the PVC every time like a hot knife through butter, so good to use.

TFT happy customer

Glenn Murray Founder of The Plumbers Crack Facebook group - 64K Members

Before I discovered the Ezygrind tools, I thought I was clever making my own versions. One was a large washer with two 10mm nuts and smaller washers on either side all on a piece of threaded rod. I cut teeth in with a hacksaw. That was all too much work and gave me a rough cut. Then I did the same again but with an old grinder blade. A bit better cut but still not strait, dangerous and couldn't keep it in the drill chuck. Too risky! Then I bought an Ezygrind. Bloody Amazing. Kicking myself i never did it sooner. Strait neat cut thanks to the exclusive guide wheel and stays in my drill chuck like every other drill bit. Cuts pipe in a third of the time and cuts smaller pipe also for those fiddly jobs. Dont kid yourself anymore with your own versions, they just don't "cut it" anymore! Thanks Ezygrind.

Are You Ready To Experience The EzyGrind Difference?

Now that you know a little bit more about what makes the EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter an industry-leading solution, are you ready to get yours?

Our patented design, roller guide, and diamond blade separate us from our competitors. We built this tool to make it easier and safer to cut a variety of pipes, including schedule 40 pipe, so that you can spend less time at the job site. 

If you want to learn more about EzyGrind plumbing tools, check out our other pages about our industry-leading design and the diamond cutting blade. You can also contact us with any questions you have or get yours today!

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