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New Craftsman Blade Defense Tape Measures, Are They Any Good

New Craftsman Blade Defense Tape Measures, Are They Any Good?

When looking at options for a measuring tape, there is an impulse to go for the more convenient or simple design, which might lead to disappointment later down the road.

This can be down to several issues such as the durability, length of tape, or measurement scale that might make your job that little bit harder, so what brand of tape measure do you go for?

With the new Craftsman blade defense tape measure, you might find some options in terms of use and handy features like durability, which can determine how often you have to replace your measuring tool. 

In this article, we'll break down some of the features that make this measuring tape stand out and answer the question of whether or not it's any good. Read on to find out what we think about this recent addition to Craftsman's range of measuring tapes.

Main Features Of The New Craftsman Tape Measure 

This heavy-duty measuring tape packs many useful features that some can take full advantage over, as the company that has made this tape have described it as "the ultimate measuring tool."

These tapes can be seen as an improvement on the existing Craftsman Pro-reach and Pro-X models with a more durable blade, as the first 9 inches have a blade armor coating to extend the life of the tape.

The blade has double-sided printing and has distinct black markings on a white background, so if you're fed up with the measuring detail on a light-duty tape, you might get on well with this one.

Put all this together into a smaller case design that keeps everything compact, with a tougher hook on the end to be able to latch onto different surfaces, and you have an interesting tape measure here.

The measuring tape comes in two sizes, that being the 25-foot and 35-foot options, so if you work in construction or have a job that requires measurements of large areas, this tape could be an option for you.

Benefits Of This Tape Measure 

Either of these size options is going to have a reach that is more than long enough for most use cases, and we like how the blade glides and retracts well and doesn't get stuck as often as traditional light duty tapes do.

With the rugged rubber mold covering, you have better grip and control of the tape, which is great for those occasions where you have to mark multiple points in your measuring or more precise measuring if you're going in between feet. 

Downsides To This Tape Measure

As good as your options are, some people may not need anything longer than 15-20 feet, so these options might be a bit overkill for completing everyday jobs. The issue with these sizes of tape is that there are many options that you can find at your local hardware store.

Compare this to the Stanley models of tape that have a range of reaches and a more compact design, which could create quite the dilemma when comparing types of measuring tape.

Our Verdict

For this type of measuring tape in particular, these options make sense for those who are working in construction and need something that's going to last a while before having to purchase a replacement.

Some of the practicality of the tape could be lost if you're using it for simple jobs, so you could look to other types of Craftsman tape measures that have features like a magnetic end hook which can easily grab onto many different surfaces.

However, it all depends on how much you are going to use it, so simple weekend jobs could be done with a lightweight type of measuring tape, which will do the job just fine.

How To Find The Right Tape Measure For You

Now you have an idea of the features of this tape, you might still be wondering what features determine a good measuring tape from a standard one.

After all, your tape might have many great features and a sleek design, but the only natural way to test its suitability is when it's used on a day-to-day basis.

Below we have listed some essential features that you want to look out for when deciding if the Craftsman tape measure is suitable for your needs.

Type Of Lock

You'll find that there is a difference of opinion about auto and manual locks, and it all depends on the individual and how they decide to measure their areas and materials and to what extent they need to be accurate.

You might only have one hand available, so the auto retract feature of your measuring tape can come in handy, where you can have it attached to your person and still go about measuring.

This makes it easier for you to move on quickly to the next step of your measuring process, but with auto lock, you might find that there is some added resistance when extending the tape.

Measurement Scale

To make your workflow easier, you could use a measurement scale that matches the ones found on your other tools, as there's nothing worse than having to convert measurements between imperial and metric.

The most common types you find will be with inch and foot markings, but these same models do offer metric system tape measurements, so it's always a good idea to shop around to find the tape you like in different lengths and measurement styles.

Blade And Hook Style

If you're looking around for the best tape measures, one of your main specifications should be a tape that has markings on both sides, as it's going to add a lot of versatility to your workflow, especially for those smaller and harder to reach areas.

You can also find tapes that have a small slot beneath the hook that allows for the blade to attach to a screw or nail end, and some have wings on each side of the hook to attach to edges if you're facing it in different orientations.

Getting one with a magnetic end can also prove helpful, as it saves your measuring job from being a two-person job, so you can work much more efficiently as the day goes on. 


You want a casting that doesn't feel too nimble to the touch and can withstand multiple falls, and the feel of a tape can generally tell you what its primary purpose is for and how long it's going to be able to withstand heavy use.

If you're going for an auto-lock style of tape, you want to be able to use it for extended periods without the mechanism getting jammed or locked to the extent where extending or retracting your blade isn't a difficult task. 


Whether or not you decide to purchase the new Craftsman tape measure, you have a good idea of whether it suits your use case or not, and there's going to be people who value certain features over others. Thank you for reading.


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