10 Best Drill Bit Sets -Top Picks For Professional & DIY

10 Best Drill Bit Sets -Top Picks For Professional & DIY

It can be hard to find the drill bit set to suit your power drill, electric drill, or cordless drill most effectively, whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast.

The best drill bit sets offer a wide range of drill bits to suit all kinds of projects and materials to create a pilot hole that will perfectly accommodate a screw even in tight spaces, but also those that can fit comfortably within your budget and are tough enough to withstand the test of time. 

With this in mind, we will be looking at ten of the best drill bit sets that are fit for many purposes.

Let’s get started to find the best drill bits for your drills, and help you find the size needed to get perfect results every single time. 

1. Makita B-65399 Impact Gold 14 Pc. Titanium Drill Bit Set

This set features an assortment of 14 different bits designed for use in one-quarter inch hex impact drivers.

This design allows them to drill accurate and clean holes within ferrous and non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, and cast iron as well as plastic and wood. This means that you can easily create a hole from which to hang art or photos.

The durability of the bits are emphasized by the titanium nitride coating which helps to ensure that all screws will be put right into place, and that the job will be no big deal, allowing the bits to last two and a half times longer than other tools.

The bits also feature 135-degree split point geometry that allows for a quick start. An easy way to get drilling and create holes for your needs. 


  • Hex impact drivers 
  • Durable due to Titanium nitride coating 
  • Fast start thanks to 135 split point geometry


  • Only 14 bits in the set

2. IRWIN Drill Bit Set 29-Piece

This drill bit set is perfect if you are looking for something well suited for tougher material. The IRWIN drill bits are made from high-speed and industrial-grade steel, increasing their durability.

The bits are also abrasion and heat-resistant thanks to being 8% cobalt alloy steel. This cobalt alloy also allows for optimal durability and strength.

The set features 29 bits in various sizes, whilst a useful tap and drill selection chart makes it easier than ever to find the right bit that you need and get it connected to the tool to start drilling holes and even putting up shelves.

You can also be sure that your drill bits will stay protected thanks to the rubber, over molded hard plastic case which still remains light, despite containing such heavy and versatile drill bits.


  • Strong and durable thanks to the use of cobalt alloy
  • 29 drill bits in various sizes
  • Made from industrial-grade steel
  • Heavy duty
  • 135-degree split point minimizes walk


  • Better suited for heavy-duty jobs rather than everyday DIY. 

3. DEWALT Drill Bit Set 14 Piece

This set features 14 bits with a patented bit-bar design that DEWALT is known for, that can be used with a power drill, cordless drill, or electric drill.

This design allows the bits to be removed with ease, whilst also providing customizable placement. 

A patented web taper allows the bit to be more rigid, reducing breakage, whilst the pilot point tip creates more speed whilst creating clean holes and reducing bit walking. 


  • Bit-bar design
  • Web taper
  • Pilot point tip
  • Small case with clip latch and clear lid


  • Only 14 drill bits
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4. COMOWARE 246 Pcs Drill Bit Set

This huge, 246-piece drill bit set features all-in-one convenient, with bits that are suitable for all sorts of materials and uses, from screw driving to masonry drilling. 

Made from superior materials- offering durability and strength- the COMOWARE drill bits also feature a black oxide coating with a titanium finish that emphasizes the positive performance of the bits. 

A portable storage case also helps with organization, whilst the spongy, cushion inside provides protection. 


  • 246 drill bits included
  • Strong and durable
  • Titanium finish and black oxide coating 
  • Portable storage case


  • Expensive

5. Norseman Drill Bits (29 Piece)

These particular drill bits are incredibly tough and boast high hardness, recommended for use with hard metal drilling applications where extreme durability is crucial to create holes without heat buildup.

The hi-molybdenum steel material emphasizes the strength of the drill bits and allows for crisp and clean drilling. 

These bits also offer a significant amount of performance as well as accuracy thanks to the precision ground point and the drill diameter. 


  • High performance 
  • Hi-molybdenum steel material
  • Accurate drilling 
  • Heavy duty 


  • No protective case

6. Hi-Spec 130 Piece Drill Bit Set

These drill bits from the Hi-Spec brand offer something for most everyday drilling jobs, able to tackle a range of materials such as brick, masonry, concrete, drywall, wood, metal and plastics. 

There are 130 pieces to be found in this kit, making for a wide range of bits to choose from. 78 of the bits are made from high speed steel and features rounded- shank twists for strength.

They also feature a titanium coat, allowing for reduced friction and wear resistance.

There are also 26 masonry bits- made from super hard tungsten- carbide for strength that lasts longer- and 26 brad point wood bits, with sharpened edges and piercing tips for accuracy and slip resistance. 

You also get a storage kit, featuring separate compartments for each type of bit.


  • Three different kinds of bits, all with their own uses
  • Handy container for storage
  • Available in a set of 99 or 130


  • Not as heavy duty as other options
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7. ENERTWIST Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set 230-Piece

Another large drill bit set- featuring 230 pieces- this kit features various sizes of bits, all of which are made from HSS material. The bits are also coated with titanium nitrate, which reduces the buildup of heat. 

118 degree point tips allows for maximum durability, lasting up to six times longer than conventional bits. 

There is also a sturdy case complete with lockable metal buckles and a sponge cushion interior that separates the upper and lower halves, keeping your bits protected and organized.


  • Made from HSS materials
  • Titanium nitrate coated
  • 118 degree point tips 
  • Solid carrying case with sponge interior


  • Not as heavy duty as other options

8. Drill America – 29 Piece Drill M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set in Round Case

Coming in a set of 29, these drill bits feature various sizes as well as an easy to handle plastic case with a unique, rounded drill index.

The case can easily be attached anywhere- such as to your belt -, making the bits conveniently easy to get to.  

The bits have a 135 degree split point tip, reducing thrust and allowing for self centering.

The m35 cobalt from which the tips are made also make them highly effective for tough drilling of materials such as stainless steel. 


  • Convenient carrying case
  • M35 cobalt material works well with heavy-duty materials
  • 135 degree split point tips
  • Various bit sizes


  • Some might prefer a larger case

9. TICONN 99PCS Drill Bit Set

This set features HSS, titanium coated bits- which come in 14 sizes- that will stay sharper, drill faster and last longer.

The bits feature a double U shaped flute design, allowing for chips to be cleared more effectively. 

The bits are able to stay well organized thanks to the rugged case, featuring a center punch to help you drill with more precision. 


  • 99 HSS, titanium coated bits
  • Double U shaped design
  • Sturdy case


  • Not suitable for use with concrete, stainless steel or high carbon steel

10. BLACK+DECKER 109 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set / Drill Bit Set

As well as drill bits, this set also offers screwdriving bits, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of construction projects. 

Regarding the drill bits, the set contains the most common drill bit sizes that are ideal for working with masonry, metal, wood and plastic. 

The bits also come with a portable, hard storage case, allowing for plenty of storage. 


  • All in one set with both drill bits and screwdriver bits.
  • Common drill bit sizes
  • Rugged storage case


  • Better suited for household projects.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have ten of the best drill bit sets that are currently on the market! Hopefully, our list has helped you on your way to deciding which set is best suited for your personal needs.


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