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Subscribe to FieldPulse's all-in-one job management software & get a bonus holiday

on us.

Step 1: Try FieldPulse risk-free with a 2-week free trial through this TigerFish Tools link below.

Step 2: If you like it, subscribe! Upon subscription TigerFish Tools will send you an email to choose your bonus holiday location.

Step 3: Plan your holiday!

A better business management solution for plumbers.

Job scheduling & dispatching.

Create notes & invoices.

Verify team member activity with time-tracking, updates & logins.

Manage from your phone or computer.

Add a new tool to your tool belt, enjoy bonus family time.


  • The voucher you will receive entitles you to complimentary hotel or resort accommodation in any one of a number of Australian, American, and other global destinations.
  • The holiday is good for 2 people and they range from 4 to 8-day holidays.
  • You have 24 months to use your holiday.
  • All you have to do is simply pay the nightly fees & taxes per room, which is AUD $29.95.
  • Since Magnificent Escapes are offering rooms that have gone unsold, popular times like Christmas, Easter, New Years, etc. may not be available.
  • There are NO timeshare presentations required to use this holiday or other hoops to jump through!
  • Your next step: Follow the button below to sign up for the free 2-week trial, love the app, and get rewarded with a holiday when you subscribe. *Must use this link in order to qualify for the bonus holiday*

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