Are you tired of buying pipe-cutting tools that don’t deliver on their promises?

If you’ve ever had to stop in the middle of a job because a pipe cutter couldn’t deliver the precise cut you needed, the EzyGrind is perfect for you. 

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We’ve designed a pipe cutter that works as hard as you do. This is a cutter that can take a beating and still deliver precision cuts in a fraction of the time of other generic cutters. One of the major reasons that our cutter outperforms others is because of the patented design of our free-flow guide wheel. 

The free-flow guide wheel is a self-lubricating and dry-running bearing. It allows the user to make non-directional cuts with ease. It WILL make your job easier!

TFT Internal pipe cutter

Adapts To Meet Your Needs

When you order the EzyGrind, you’ll get two different sizes of our free-flow guide wheel. The white wheel is for a shallow cut and the black wheel is for a deeper cut. Both of these are dry-running and self-lubricating.

This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing needs and stay prepared for any situation on the job site. 

Depth Gauge

The depth gauge allows you to make accurate cuts of PVC, HDPE, and ABS pipes. One of the biggest benefits of the depth gauge is that it reduces wear on the blade by stopping it from cutting into external materials. You’ll never have to worry about ruining your blade by cutting into concrete and having to replace it on the fly.

With the 80mm blade cutting depth, you can cut 5.5mm with the white guide wheel. With the black wheel, you can cut 7.7mm. With the 36mm blade depth, you can cut 4.5 mm with the white guide wheel and 6.5mm with the black guide wheel.

The EzyGrind is a one-tool solution for cutting different depths. You can cut with confidence knowing that the depth gauge protects your blade and allows you to make cuts six times faster with one simple motion. 

TFT Small internal pipe cutter

Stabilizing Block

Vibration and resistance is the enemy when you’re making cuts that require precision. The stabilizing block featured with both free-flow guide wheels that comes with the EzyGrind Inside PVC Pipe Cutter reduces vibration and secures the blade, which improves the accuracy of your cuts and makes your job safer. 

EzyGrind Small internal pipe cutter in action

Blade Guide

Our product cuts fast. A cut that would take a generic cutter over a minute to make only takes around 15 seconds with the EzyGrind. As fast as the tool operates, speed doesn’t matter if cuts aren’t accurate. 

The blade guide directs the cutting blade around the pipe for a smooth cut, even with deformed pipes. It allows zero-tolerance fine trim cuts through the pipe that aren’t possible with other tools. With the EzyGrind, you’ll never find yourself with a pipe that you can’t make a straight cut on. 

Reduced vibration

Reduced Vibration

When a PVC pipe cutter vibrates, it not only lowers the accuracy of the cut, but it also puts a lot of pressure on the tool. Vibration wears down the tool and lowers its lifespan, which costs you money in the long-run.

Vibration also puts more pressure on the driver/drill as well. Thanks to the free-flow guide wheels, the EzyGrind has reduced vibration that extends the life of your tools and helps you make smooth cuts. You also won’t have to worry about the security of the cutter on your tools. You maintain complete control as you make cuts so that you can work confidently and quickly.

Safety feature

Restrains The Tool When The Cut is Finished

When using cutters, one of the last things you want is for the cutter to swing out on completion. Not only is this dangerous, but it could also cause the tool to hit another part of the pipe, forcing you to make another cut to maintain the pipe’s integrity. 

The free-flow guide wheel keeps the EzyGrind engaged with the fixed part of the pipe to stop the blade from swinging out after completing cuts. This keeps the user safe and maintains the integrity of the cut. 

Clean and easy cuts

Clean and Easy Cuts

The free-flow guide wheel allows you to make cuts in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction that gives you total control over your cuts. You can also cut pipes that only require a fine trim due to zero-tolerance cutting.

Thanks to the addition of swarf release holes, swarf that would normally build up on the tool and hinder its ability to make efficient cuts now get released. You’ll make clean cuts every time.

Experience The EzyGrind Difference

Do you want a tool that lets you make safe and accurate cuts every time? Looking for a cutter that has the durability to work as hard as you do? It’s time to see for yourself why thousands of plumbers and other professionals trust the EzyGrind Inside PVC Pipe Cutter to meet their needs. 

Professionals all over the country have commented on how easy our tool makes their job. You can cut toilet flange and shower riser pipes with ease without worrying about them melting back together in seconds, making this one of the most important plumbing tools you can have.

If you want to learn more about the EzyGrind PVC Pipe Cutter, check out our other pages about our industry-leading design and the diamond cutting blade. You can also contact us with any questions you have or get yours today!

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Branding Razlog Life changed once I got my first (and only) inside cutter from tiger fish tools. Gone are the days of losing my own made up internal cutter down the drain. Didn’t have to reach for a grinder or in worse situations the jackhammer to fix what the tiger fish tools internal cutter does in 30 seconds. Will never go back. Thanks boys!


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Lucas Jeden There's been too many times where I've cut PVC pipe with a saw or grinder and it doesn't come out looking the way it should. Dust goes everywhere and it takes a long time. Never had a problem when im using the EzyGrind plus it makes the tough pipes easy and stressless to cut out of the way. The tigerfish EzyGrind Pipe Cutter makes life that much easier when I need to get a pipe cut clean and flush.


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