The Design Benefits of the EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter

If you’re trying to cut PVC pipe below concrete level or other hard to reach places, you need a PVC cutting tool you can trust. You need a tool that’s dependable, strong, and one that gives a smooth clean cut every time. 

Designed For Flawless Cuts Every Time

Plumbing requires precision and consistency. Inaccurate cuts and inconsistent performance can doom even the most experienced plumber.

We’ve designed the EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter to be adaptable, consistent, and durable. Our experts wanted to create a tool that both makes your job easier and feels natural and intuitive to use. The end result is a pipe cutter that you can use in drains, exhaust vents, electrical conduits, and more!

TigerFish tools small internal pipe cutter

Quickly Change The Blade

Thanks to the design of the EzyGrind, you can change the diamond blade quickly and easily without wasting time on the job site. Other products use a Phillips head screw to hold the blade in place from the bottom. When cutting, the friction creates heat, which expands the steel tool, which can cause the key shape to strip when trying to remove the blade. If this happens while you’re in the middle of a job, you may have to stop what you’re doing to go find a different tool or replace it completely. 

EzyGrind uses a heavy-duty lock nut to fix the blade in place. You can use leveraging tools, like wrenches, and replace your blade fast. This results in you being able to finish jobs quicker and a tool that feels secure when you use it. 

Designed For Ease of Use

Professionals want tools that are light, nimble, and sturdy. The EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter delivers in these three areas thanks to flawless design and materials that are both lightweight and durable. 

The first thing you’ll notice is that the tool only weighs 4.6 ounces but feels more secure than heavier cutters. 

Unlike other tools, the EzyGrind feels secure once attached to the chuck. You can tackle any project with confidence without feeling like the cutter is going to come loose. It feels nice and easy as you make your way around the pipe, resulting in a smooth cut every time.

TigerFish tools product on hand
TigerFish tools large internal pipe cutter cutting pipe
TigerFish tools small internal pipe cutter cutting pipe
TigerFish tools large internal pipe cutter cutting pipe

How easy is it to use the EzyGrind?

When compared to generic pipe cutters, the EzyGrind can perform a cut that takes other products over a minute in only 15 seconds.

The blade and the guide wheel work together to create an industry-leading industrial pipe cutter that works for almost every commercial and domestic application. The guide wheel stabilizes and guides while the blade does its job.

The guide wheel is a self-lubricating dry-running bearing that cuts up to 6 times faster than the competition. The result is a smooth cut with one motion. This patented design makes the EzyGrind the best tool on the market for making perfect cuts in both small and large PVC pipes.

TFT Happy Customer

Glenn Murray, Founder of The Plumbers Crack Facebook group (64,000+)

Before I discovered the Ezygrind tools, I thought I was clever making my own versions. One was a large washer with two 10mm nuts and smaller washers on either side all on a piece of threaded rod. I cut teeth in with a hacksaw. That was all too much work and gave me a rough cut. Then I did the same again but with an old grinder blade. A bit better cut but still not strait, dangerous and couldn't keep it in the drill chuck. Too risky! Then I bought an Ezygrind. Bloody Amazing. Kicking myself i never did it sooner. Strait neat cut thanks to the exclusive guide wheel and stays in my drill chuck like every other drill bit. Cuts pipe in a third of the time and cuts smaller pipe also for those fiddly jobs. Dont kid yourself anymore with your own versions, they just don't "cut it" anymore! Thanks Ezygrind

TFT Small internal pipe cutter

Stabilizing Block

The key to consistent, smooth, and fast cuts is a stable cutting blade. The stabilizing block for the EzyGrind maintains stability, reduces vibration, and allows you to have complete control of the tool while making cuts. 

Whether you’re cutting PVC, HDPE, or ABS pipe, you’ll experience an accurate cut every time. Spend less time wondering how you're going to keep the tool in place and experience reliable results every time with the EzyGrind.

TFT large internal pipe cutter

Blade Guide

If you’re looking for a tool that can make both zero tolerance and fine trim cuts, the EzyGrind is perfect for you. The blade guide directs the cutting blade around the pipe for a straight cut that’s clean and quick.

Many tools won’t work well when cutting deformed pipes. With our tool, you can even make clean perfect cuts around oddly-shaped pipes that would have previously created problems for you.

How To Use EzyGrind

When designing the EzyGrind PVC pipe cutter, one of our goals was to make it as easy to use as possible. We’ve created a tool that you can set up for use in seconds.


insert the hex shank into any power drill chuck


Pick one of the two cutting guides depending on the pipe thickness


Insert the EzyGrind into the pipe and push the blade firmly

TFT large internal pipe cutter in package
TFT small internal pipe cutter in package

Thousands of Professionals Love EzyGrind

Industry professionals everywhere have been raving about the EzyGrind’s design. Our customers love the durability of the product, often saying that after one job the tool pays for itself!

One of the biggest complaints professionals have about other generic cutters is that they wobble when cutting through a pipe. Because of our patented design, wobbling is a thing of the past. Many of our reviews talk about the tool’s consistency and ease of use.

TFT happy customer

Brent Whitwell Life before the EzyGrind tool was difficult. I made my own internal cutter and it didn't work as it should, and it fell down a drain or broke really easily. Now using Ezygrind with its guide wheel I can cut pipes internally quickly and with ease. Thank you for such a great easy to use product


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